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2024 ALFPA Chapter Leadership Summit





ALPFA's annual Chapter Leadership Summit brings together ALPFA leaders from chapters all over the United States (and even some from Canada!) The ask was to develop a event brand that played upon the theme of "One ALPFA" and the concept of all being on the same team to achieve our goals.

Soccer is a large part of many Latino cultures and was the basis of the CLS brand in 2024. I started with a Chapter Leader Team emblem that depicted a stylized phoenix, which symbolizes resilience and determination; something that ALPFA's chapter leaders embody. The soccer team them continued across the branding for event, form the badges to the ALPFA Chapter Leader Jerseys that were an event gift to attendees.

This event took place in January of 2024 and included badges, jerseys, and a slide deck. ALPFA's chapter leaders only had good things to say about the jerseys and several chapters reached out to request the emblem to use in their own chapter.

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